Jamba (Cypher submission)

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Razor on the sound bout to take it round the town,
Everybody looking for me for a pound,
Sell kilos for 16 and kill hoes for snitching,
the type to get my license gone, evicted for some whisky,
something smells fishy, it aint my girl she been clean,
got rings on my pointer, hoes pointing at my pinky,
Smoke a joint and loan my boy some money just for his needs,
never pay me back ill point the gat right to his memories,
she tells me im the best, i say "who else can it be?'
she points right to her finger, asks me where the wedding ring,
tell her no not here, nope, never dear,
all i got is plaques, and im seeking dental care,
i had a love affair since love was in the air,
tried to get creative so i used a swivel chair,
bent her legs back, fucked her spinning, giving stares,
left her ass impaired, didnt notice, unaware,
tits fake, made in china, like my silverware,
im spreading like a fire in the forest,
everywhere from florida to delaware,
i met my girl there, when she had better hair,
i sent my letters there,
imma rebel, daredevil, and ill do any dare,
bare metal, lair dweller, still settle for the better,
pop pills just for the feelings, im already feeling better,
phoning up my dealer, tell him just getting cleaner,
never give a fuck like a high school senior,
pedal to the metal in that all white beamer,
racing till im pacing, wheezing, making up a scene,
they always call police just for a misdemeanor,
Using all my energy for my inner g,
Pulling up in a ferrari like bitch remember me,
Showing up on Maury with a bitch from tennessee/
who had the tendency to scream me at me/
while we were playing tennis, see/
i had her tendons leak from every vein and beat/
from her head to her feet, then she accept defeat,
but it was too late, i was recording, blu ray,
it had to happen soon and that day was today,
cracked brooms, did shrooms, fucked up, seeing cartoons,
hid the fucking drugs up in my mom's room,
put it on the side with the motherfucking bombs too,
who the fuck is you tryna spit bars to?
tryna say your ill,
ill inject you with a needle, take your blood,
perform a ritual and still give the chills to/
gift wrap and steal you,
this a mismatch, im pissed at the other emcees/
who im tryna diss at, talking bout this, that,
walking all big man, still got the best raps,
and that's all damn,

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