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-she's on a midnight train
-to Georgia, gorgeous, I've seen her frame
-it's in her code her friends are loathing told her pick a lane
-I told her that jawn look swollen you should stick to slayin
-everyday I'm writin
-eyes on the field till the day I'm Titan
-sword in my hand, guess today im knighting
-cold day in Hell the first day I'm frightened
-midnight writing, midnight gravity
-their smile sinks if they heard me
-your girl cheats if she's adding me
-fasten seatbelt's before I beat it up like battery
-keep goin like the Energizer
-need a dose? Put a scope on the atomizer
-hit space get ghost like the Enterpriser
-quite frank, she dope, tryna analyze her
-spit game get her right call it tenderizer
-she said "need plumbing" so we call her Piper
-lose grip, fall off? no we're doing neither
-she just wanna get big so we supersize her
-ya friends said im a monster
-ya girl came and her friends came and we back stage at that concert
-we with my people like Foster
-she want a piece of the roster
-that's dinner once I hit her once I hit her twice and I toss her
-that's Armstrong don't get lapped on
-rappad said we back on
-with that backpack and that strap drawn
-and these track run like triathlons
-we annunciate we don't babble on
-these words holy like Babylon
-I got a thick chick I put a settle on
-and her friends coming like a tagalong

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