Midnight Gravity-Saturday Night

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Hear the silence all around me fill the void with medicine/
need to share my visions told my brain to let me in/
Take a look inside my thoughts to
come upon a lonely meadow/
filled by trees and signing birds with just a cast of one /
cursed with loneliness so where do i begin/
the world inside was once so vast/
dreams of moving off to college love never felt so fast/
ill-advised to illustrate a perfect world at night /
when the storms approaching don't just walk away/
so hard to live a life when all the walls are turning gray /
one drug could only do it its the kind that lie within/
id say life is looking pretty grim
Emotions running wild no more order in this ecosystem/
living off intoxication/
thriving off of deprivation/
couldn’t do it any longer/
anger started to get stronger/
only left for dead
surviving off adrenaline/
I think you’ve made a monster/
taking over without warning
the creature lives in all of us/
but is it really god we trust
Or is it something bigger/
everything is predetermined/
blind with these nocturnal notions/
Take a drink of secret potions /
destiny is taking over/
man I don’t even know her/don't want to be the one takin pictures
wanna hear the wake up call when I miss her
Now I feel the pain comin in like a blister
then I say good bye last time that I kissed her
see the world it past me up while I'm feelin grown
Friends say all I do is complain and bitch and moan
see the pain on your face like it glows in the dark
I ain't seen many people that get past a broken heart
I need to save my mind somebody find me Noah's ark
Drowning in my destiny an ocean filled with sharks
The waves won't get the best of me I'm bound to hit my mark
I'm captain of the pilot seat and I'm flying through the dark
Won't let nobody fly with me
Unless they down to die with me
And if you fake that's fine by me
I thought you'd never lie to me

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