The Thrill

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Uh, Silvershine
Here we go
Are you ready?
Let me hear you!
Come on and hit that
Hit that
Uh, Ya
I can make anything out of a beat
So sweet like candy rappers out in the street
I'm on my feet I don't sit I will make them see
Stars with the bars that I wrote last week
Take your seat I'm in the hot spot
Till I drop a beat cause it's non stop
No time to flop off I'm the top shot
Not missing the red dot
Keeping them locked on till the beat drops
Heavy, I'm a stand steady hold my breath to get ready
For the kill of a life time
It's a thrill I seek till I must die
Six feet under then it's my time
But for now I will redefine these lines
Build a grind on the shine
Keep it real and it'll be fine
Tryna kill these rhymes
Don't play with fire cause it will bite
Stronger then a snakes strike
Venom seeping inside
Slowing down awareness of my eyesight
Apparently it's the best high
Ever on earth so you must try
It out before it runs dry
This thrill that's on the inside!

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