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My spliff lit,
like a match stick,
your bitch is,
on my mattress,
blatantly acting,
like an actress,
and you know what they say,
bout bad habits,
cant even handle it,
spliff so big,
looks like a candles lit,
but that aint no excuse,
and it aint no use,
how do i tell him,
bout the bad news,
never gunna go there,
even said that too,
fuck man,
it aint no use,
fuck that sket,
that i just met,
that belongs to my best friend,
hoping hed care less,
but thats not how it ended,
and this aint the ending,
friendship needs mending,
i fucked up,
can we make up,
with a punch up,
or a bust up,
i smoked so much,
now im paralyzed,
but everythings all good through my mothers eyes,
blessed from god,
like ive been baptised,
looking up at the sky,
wondering why,
fuck man i dont knwo why,
feels like i committed a crime,
and now im doing my time,
never gunna go back to the good times,
with that best friend of mine,
fuck man,
i really fucked up this time,
dunno what to do,
how could i ever make it up to you,
just wanna go back to the good times,
just me and you,
having a great time,
smoking them stupid zoots,
i know its what you love to do,
hoping for forgiveness,
but i dont know if i deserve it,
gunna have to earn it,
hoping he realizes if the tables had been turned,
he would have done it in an instant,
patiently waiting for forgiveness,
dunno what to do,
gunna smoke another zoot,
its all i know how to do,
only thing ive got left,
only thing i do right,
gunna get fucked tonight,
so i can forget tonight,
hoping one day,
that i can make it right,

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