The King

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CryGene's Notes

This is my first recording..
I don't hv a mic or any equipment
Just a bitch ass phone
N my voice is better than wht ur gon hear..:-)

Nigga I come through the night
Put a gun to your wife
Better run for your life
Stay humble and quite
I'm the baddest thing
Cold blood run through the pipes
I go bump in the night
Death runs through my mind
Make you shiver with the fear
Beat you continue twice
Leave you in a river of blood
Under the skies
I see the cunt in you child
Your struck dumb by my rhymes
I'll take this bat to your back
Til you're numb to the spine
Say my fucking name
When it comes to define
Murder, I'm on a roll
Like a tumbling dice
Certainly I'll leave you split
When I plunge into fight
Destructing your life
I'm like thunder and light-ning
I'm the God
I took the sun to the light
I can kill you
And make dead come to the life
I grab a mic and all the rage
I pump when I'm hyped
Ain't nobody fucking with it
I'm number one on the mic
I cause the curtain to rise
I'm disgusting but nice
I'll beat your ass boy
Disturbing your vibe
I'mma kill you and
Your death will serve to remind
What happens when you
Muthafuckin fuck with the prime-o
Birth of unstable
But it was birth of divine
Showed the people path of wrath
Turned from person to Christ
Lyrical murder savage acts
You sing nursery rhymes
Now move your fuckin ass back
Cuz I'm done with the dykes
I'm horse of different color
Like purple of night
Tryta fuck with me
You gon see hurt in your sight
better worship the knight
or I go verbal and fight
and leave you hung from a tree
this a jungle of crimes
then I'll give you kiss of death
like you virgin in white
I'mma fuckin diss you straight
and I'll burn you alive
If you feel something behind
a lil blunt that's my knife
see how I hit you back to back
with these multiple rhymes

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