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Sippin some Coca Cola, the heat dropping down
Bathe in sunlight, enjoy life, I wish I
Had what I described instead of this can of sprite
dwelling in night, holding a knife and not wanting a deadly surprise
Operations in the ghetto
Nothin funny so stop joking, J. Leto
Do you comprendo or you want your screams to echo
Leave the station kid, go back playing Nintendo
Livin in Asia, can't knock the Kung Fu Hustle
I make the gangs flee cus all they do is shuffle
Stop the Running Man, realize it's not a race, yo
the movement that you make, make me LMFAO
Get the reference, my cleverness is effortless
When an empress undress she has to mount on Everest
FamousDaddy, sempai, you're proud of me?
I got that punk off me
I got a split personality
The side reside with danger filled with atrocity
The Godfather, a horse head awakes you with a jolt
my horse still lives, hear the sound of my colt
Bang, deadly as ever as I sever the blood vessels
Fall as thunder crash, lay in the mud to nestle
M9 stained the blood that once lived
Ripping through flesh, the bullet from guns blitz
Wrap the door once or twice before you enter my domain
I tell you have no gain if you ever play with propane
Evaporate the water in your cells, scream in my dell
Burning in hell, I'm the demon that dwells
Devil's Night, the red moon shines with malice
The red glow can be seen at Dracula's palace
Dr Jekyl, Bi Polar, crush you with my molars
I'm the mutated star, my energy's solar

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