Sauce (Prod. by Miles from Earth)

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//Alright, it's Ray Xu
//Rapping about Sauce
//Shoutout to Miles from Earth for producing this beat
//Here we go, i'm not a rapper
So many sauces out there, you gotta try them all
You gotta live life the way you want before you fall
You gotta fight for what's right, you gotta stand tall
Because if you don't, then what was the point of it all?
I'm talking pizza sauce. Tomato over this shit.
Marinara my meatballs. That shit's a classic hit.
Ketchup on my french fries. You fucking know it
That I love my food with sauce spread over, especially when I'm fucking lit
But I love every sauce. I don't discriminate.
Every sauce is special and I can never fucking hate.
You just gotta feel the sauce, before it's too late
Before you die and go to heaven or hell, pass through the gate
Chicken teriyaki, #nihongo I don't speak
Asian sauce is hella dope, taste strong, not that weak
I love sauce on everything, but especially on my meat
And now the kitchen cold as fuck, time to turn up the heat
I know that you think that this sauce is a metaphor for something with meaning
But did you ever think that you don't gotta analyze everything, it's demeaning
Because I just want to talk about sauce, my friend randomly mentioned that word
This ain't Edgar Allen Po, this ain't a story, just me being fucking absurd.
Up next is apple sauce. That shit keeps the doc away.
Not to mention, it tastes hella good. It's worth the fucking pay.
And I know what you're thinking? What the flying fuck, Ray?
I already knew that shit, I knew that apple sauce is great.
Well, even if you knew that, quiet down and hear me out
#White sauce is the bad big boy, the support without a doubt
How the fuck do you make french food? This is the only route.
#White sauce is love, it's life. White sauce is what it's about.
And now that you've listened to this poem, you gotta go outside
Go outside, go grocery shopping, and see what you can find
Because all these different sauces can have different ingredients combined
But don't touch my sauce, because my sauce is #only #mine.

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