Midnight Gravity

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Smoking on my medication,
Removes all of my sleep deprivation,
I handle my herb with sweet delication,
The haters talk shit with all their allegations,
I'll leave them all flat lined with no respiration,
I put in my life, hard work, and dedication,
new ways to strive, I needed implementation,
New ways to drive, no license or registration,
vivid realization, in need of some ventilation,
too much smoke in the room, of the gift that God created,
The picture is blanking,
My vision is fading,
The room's looking Hazy,
My mind's going crazy,
Cash register friends, cause they always be changing,
The beat is my canvas, this picture I'm painting
The bars, I am raising,
Malicious content, Marijuana, should I be praising
I'm real, I'm rich, I'm bossin,
Is the shit you be saying
I don't believe you,
Straight to the message, no need for delaying
I ride off into the midnight gravity,
I ride off into the midnight gravity,
Gravity, Gravity,
I ride off

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