Midnight Cypher

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midnight and I'm frantic scramblin' tryna edit
this rap is poetic ramblin and my insight is prophetic
I'm pathetic no exceptions dripping in obsession
I'm Obsessive and possessive of perfection
I asked for it and god gave me a lesson
Getting post traumatic and now I need a session
Like an addict just to cope with this rejection
they think I lost my mind a long time ago
but I don't lose the flow mixin' rap and rock and roll
Now I'm on roll and Ima use it to shock
I'm in love with my music movin' to it nonstop
I can feel the beat like ground underneath my feet
in my chest where stories untold and miracles meet
Singing from my soul till my lungs are swole
where this song unfolds cause My speech won't cease
until the / truth is told
love for this art crashin' my through veins leavin' me inflamed
blowing my mental walls apart
i hope it leaves ya wit a spark so you get doin' your part
creatin' your own damn art talkin' the language of your heart
If you just get up and start then you're past the hardest part
You can get on your grind you ain't got nothin' but time
We're the next wave of creators and it's your time to shine
say fuck procrastinatin' and wastin' all that y time
If rappin is what you love stay on that lyrical grind
and If singing whatchu do you better sing all the time
pursue what you love and things will start to align
Like the stars high above lookin' down givin' signs
The universal flow is fickle as flame
I not gonna give it a name Cause at this point in the game
I don't wanna sound insane And I don't know if it's just my brain
Art from the heart mainlined through my veins
it's what's keepin' me sane in the rain when it's getting dark
when it's cold and shit's lookin' stark Rap is like an Ark saving me from pain
and I can't complain cause life was plain.

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