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this is a recording...don't know why it won't shift off instrumental.

All right
gonna drop something a little heavier
this shit happens every day
so it's gotta be fucking said
Met at the stairwell by a neighbour in full panic,
breathlessly she tells us what she found eyes huge and frantic
up to the third floor cross the landing to the door
it's unlocked we go in find her face down clothes torn
eyes cloudy when we roll her over tiny body getting colder
doesn't take too long to realize that her life is long over
we put in the effort though, trading grim glances
knowing nothing can be done to improve her chances
but it takes its toll all the same, settling down heavy
the futile silence palpable, its choked voice breathy
when the tunnel vision stops a darker picture becomes clear
as the cops ask the kind of questions hard to stomach hard to hear
they'd seen this type of scene play out so many times before
in the midst of an OD, the dealer fucks the future corpse
but before this possibility has a chance to coalesce
another officer emerges from the bathroom in distress
the door opens with him, toys arranged in a childish mess
the horror becomes obvious when I see the tiny legs
the infant's face down in the toilet--I pull it out
little body stiff, long drowned, blue mouth
I sit down holding the dead baby in my arms
as the cops survey the scene they piece the nature of the harm
a regular practice they see among crackheads with kids
is to put the child in other rooms as they cook up all hid
in this case the combination of an OD'd mom and rapist dealer
condemned this poor baby to the inclinations of the reaper
a hellish lesson learned because life's a hellish teacher
when the imprint of the evil is the most pernicious feature.

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