Beat challenge #6

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Rayne's Notes

it took me 2:25 to do this freestyle over the beat and 30minutes to type the lyrics, hope you enjoy :)

Sense it preying on another track couldn't get it back
cause I never gonna turn it back, gonna get another track out
doesn't really matter never gonna back out
everybody trying to get their stacks out, cause I know now
doesn't really matter how I blow now, show now
you're as soft as a bunch of feathers check the weather
Rayne's back doesn't really matter at the wrong train,
but I'm on the right track never looking back
never gonna get away from the the pain that I got insida my brain
so I'm sticking away with a little bit of time little bit in a day
cause it doesn't really matter what I wanted to say
you really wanna get closer to this, you never thought of it
never thought that I would blow, but god was never part of this
and a part of this, are parts of us, I'm an oddity so pardon me
for every little thing that I spit, so from SA to Birmingham
Nobody's heard of him word couldn;t get out cause I already
murdered them I'm just another rapper trapped in the truth
stacked with the facts setting fire in the booth
I'm about to throw, better know that imma get away with it
doesn't really matter what you with it, just go with it
know with it, everyday with it and I see it, the way that
you get what I get when I get with it
//fast track
and it doesn't get away the things I say but I'm gonna get away with it
it doesn't really matter what I feel, but I know now that it's deep in me
better run with these goals, but I know what I wanna say, but I
really know where to go, but I just really wanna get it, get it get it
out of me, seeing me, seeing it, feeling it, do whatever I'm doing
everybody seeing it, feeling the beat flow through me, I know now
it moves me, you thought you can see me
and now you can blow me

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