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Yeah you know I'm all about it
Open notepad, goin' at it
Stay consistent, flow is static
Know you missed it, don't you doubt it
Hate persistent and it's shrouded
Mists and spirits, money clouded
Mystic figures, the amount is
In the hundreds or the thousands
Higher than the Rocky Mountains
Holy shit my poor accountant
Can't imagine all the counting
Can't imagine staying grounded
When we're high up and surrounded
By these girls who want espousement
Fuck that shit just keep the house lit
Miles killed it, this beat bounces
I don't even fuck around
I don't even cut the sound
No chasers so don't run around
And do not wear hand-me-downs
I might not be so renowned
Don't know what you're on about
I am never stalling; shout
It hasn't even been a minute
Fly as fuck like peter pan is
Yeah I'm teaching, need a clinic?
Give me props I need a witness
To the crime that this career is
Big D like a quiz on vision
CJ playing, need a ticket?
CJ slaying, need it written?
CJ's amazing, it's a mission
CJ's amazing, it's a mission
CJ's amazing, it's a mission
CPR this beat because I slayed it
Slayed might be an understatement
You're shaking, need some medication?
Or perhaps a celebration?
Got the message? I relayed it?
Bump this shit you need to stay lit
I'm a star, a constellation
Just need your reaffirmation
This song took dedication
So go ahead and say it:
CJ's amazing, can you blame him?
CJ's amazing, can you blame him?
CJ's amazing, can you blame him?
Yeah alright that's the first verse done
Listen when I say that this thirst was fun
Now hit props and be the first to endorse this god
I'll be right here immersed with the squad
Int he worst thirst since the first rehearsed
I'm well versed in thirst like a divorce enforced
But more's the worst
I curse coerce and torture courts
To see if their court order works
Forced this beat to burst then dispersed the borscht
The reverse of birds, traverse the earth
Interspersed at first with headfirst submbers-
-als right into poetry
Alright man you know that we
ain't chicken like no poultry
My career has an upward slope
Oh man that is geometry
hold it down for New Jersey
Because we do this locally
(Lemme freestyle on the title
One take)
CJ's amazing, it's a mission
CJ's amazing, did you miss him?
CJ's amazing, girls'll kiss him
CJ's amazing, rhymes are vicious
CJ's amazing, fact not fiction
CJ's amazing, can you blame him?
CJ's amazing, will you stage him?
CJ's amazing, that's what they're saying
CJ's amazing, rhymes are flaming
CJ's amazing, you can deny the name
Deny the claim
But you can't deny the payment
Can't deny the payment

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