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Lib3rty's Notes

Music: MilesWild - Midnight Gravity
Equipment: Rode NT-USB Mic
Software: Audacity (Mac)
Album cover: Water @ Moon [Imagination] by Just Visiting IMAGINATION (Creative Commons - by-nc-nd)

Welcome to my world
in this musical gravitation
that's gonna send me flyin'
flyin' into the next dimension
(Verse 1)
Welcome to the world of gravitation
where the beats of the music gives you motivation
Traveling the paths of these new sensations
Ain't fuckin' around with them imitations
Welcome to the days when I was dreaming big
Just a kid in the shadows, ain't none prolific
Intimidating methods of the superstars
Too high to aspire, ain't got the strength or the heart
I was just a dreamer, no way I'd compete
in a world of the great and mighty rappin' elites
But little by little I listen and learn
hopin' one day I'll be the fire that burns
And then the music started playing on the radio
enveloped me in sounds and it started to grow
whiskin' me away to a realm unknown
a realm in my mind, buried deep in my soul
The world of gravitation is therapeutic
keeps me motivated in the sounds of the music
turnin' dreamers to believers, gonna shatter the earth
become a beacon of hope with inspirational words
This girl's gonna shine with this testimony
Descending through the depths of this musical journey
Ain't no one stoppin' me, cause this world is mine
I'm livin' for my dream, and I'm livin' for the rhyme
Welcome to my musical gravitation
these beats are sendin' you flyin' to a new dimension
Ain't nothin' stoppin' this sound in this space and time
And keep that energy movin' in your soul and your mind
(Verse 2)
I'm overcomin' odds, there's no limit, no end
I'm in a culture that inspired my creative talents
This girl's grown up, defied society's views
Ain't forgettin' her roots, she's upholdin' the truth
This musical world's got the lyrical greats
lookin' up to them, gonna be their protege
I'm rappin' for the love, for the love of the music
freeing myself from the bounds of critics
I live within myself in this musical dream
scrawling words on these pages like a lyrical fiend
With this mic in my hand, I'm gonna lay it on thick
Cause I'm bringin' back these sounds and I'mma make 'em legit
This world's my colorful imagination
Aspiring to be a hip-hop sensation
This is my life, the music flows in my genes
I'm trapped in this bountiful prodigy
This world is vibin' so wild, it's gonna keep you alive
Don't stray from the path if you wanna survive
'Cause it takes you back in time when you were boundless and free
and you're spittin' words faster than the dopest emcee
Bringin' back the days when you don't worry no more
When you're reminiscin' on the good life before
The stories are your roots, and the goals that you're aimin'
I'm gonna make this world better, yeah, Liberty's claimin'
These are the shifting sands of imagination
Keep the music goin' strong with all fascination
And the sounds of the rhymes ain't leavin' you with no hesitation
Yeah, welcome to my musical gravitation

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