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I try to sit back/ Roll up and relax/ Glad to be where im at/ Doin my rap/
Not begging for scraps but buildin myself up to get more advanced/
Acid,Thc rapper following Chance/Past everything in my path trying
to expand my every bit of mind i can/ Dont lack creativity or the capability
to view everything open in front of me/ There many other oppirtunitys
i could choose to do but i want to rap and get sicker than the flu when
im in the booth/ Want to be labeled as a great way before it gets to my dying
day/ So i work at my own pace face todays mistakes/ Awake to the matrix
after being sedated and realize there mant diffrent answers to life exept mine
and everbody has their own stars that align/ Dont want to be famous/
Wanna be bright, use my rhymes for the good of mankind/ See everything
once again in a different light/ Hippy hop when i get out the chronic
and come to the mic/ Not everyone is alike in the least/ being different
and full of good vibes is the best you could achieve/ Be who you need to be/
Me myself and I/First, second, and third eye/Make sure i act the best i can
cause every action has the effect of #a #butterfly/ #To #pimp my self up and act
tough would be a lie/ I work towards progression,With work ethic,building up
precentage/Heal the game bandage/ Imma start ramblin/ Barely balanced
between good and evil/People are deceitful/ Be your friends one second
than turn around and stab you with a neddle/ Keep your friends close but
eniemes closer/ So you can see who will blow up like a knife in a toaster/
People are ignorant to whats around them/Wool pulled over their eyes act
like their on a different planet/ITake material objects for granted/
Worry about fashion more then real stuff like wars and famine/
They do things for fun but i do things for the passion/ Ignoring my
school classes for real life lessons/ Not about to answer some
questions to algebra and sit in a cafetria/When i could create songs
that can cause hysteria/ So before i lose the attention/ Im trying to pass on
a messege/ that may be unpleasent/ Trying to answer my own questions
Im just giving this cypher as a present/

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