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Let me make a proposition,
No, you sit here and listen,
I'm tired of wishing you change ya' ways
From the time I'm giving
Invested in ya' success,
Won't settle for less,
I made a promise to her to make sure that you're the fucking best
I can't go back on my promise, to be honest
Without her my life would've crashed like a comet
So I owe my whole life to her,
Imma make sure that you ain't another failure when ya corpse in the dirt
You wanna chase all the women, with their gimmicks, ton of children
Boy you sinning, ya not winning, you not in motion where's the physics
I admit it, it's kinda tempting, pussy by the minute,
By the hour, that ain't power,
That's gold to a coward
The message I'm sending is not subliminal
I'm here to make sure that you reach ya damn pinnacle
You're the smartest kid I know, what's happening bro?
Failing every single class to put on' a show
These people don't love you, remember that
When you need their help, nowhere to be found, that's a fact
Don't worry bro I got the heat in my Cadillac
Taking out the obstacles that held ya back
Your demons, I invite them in,
I don't have no struggles, release them through the ink of this pen
I'm here bro, don't be afraid to call me friend
She died for you, so don't put her through pain again
She watching us from the heavens, hoping and praying
You don't end like ya' pops emotionally vacant
Turn your back on ya loved ones, he forsaken
Don't have that mindset you'll never make it
It's cancerous,
But that mindset is a part of us
Easy to say I give up, test ya' luck
Make your own luck, shine in God's eyes
And she will be proud of you in no time
I ain't never lied.....

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