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scared of the expectation one hesitation
to honestly go through with this reputation
I dream of elavation
escape from isolation, I live seclusion,
a nuisance to join any confrontation
Cause it's just frustrating
explaining my situation,
offers no salvation
from the real place that your placing
So as I'm grazing trying to be patient,
while I feel my chance fading,
erasing and I sit watching ratings
wondering how in tarnation
with my drive I'm a joke to this nation
I guess making money yourself, not from any donation,
sets the formation for the sensation of success in your occupation
Cause if your destination ain't dollar bills, owning a corporation,
your another pawn owned by corporation
So in desperation to fit expectation you make a declaration
that dedication is less important than fitting the foundation
Placing your faith in what you see not hear it'll be a full transformation
Let you go on ranting about how you should change,
um you could babe, easily escape, upgrade, and invade
Brigade to free the mentally enslaved,
how did it get engraved that money matters
A good writer writes chapters and worries about the paycheck after
Walking contradiction, fact and fiction,
my life, My jurisdiction
Prediction I'll quit this conviction
Blitzing, runnings a fatal decision

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