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Take a shot of me Yeah go
Take a shot at me
Uh yeah, take a shot at me
Go ahead uh, take it
Take a shot at me bitch
Take a shot of my dick
That’s my children
Swish it in your lips
Take it
Then you’re dismissed
Yea you got me fucking pissed off
All I want to do is get off
Your mouth and my fucking cock
We got a date and it’s on
I’m coming in with ailerons
You don’t know how I roll I’m on another echelon
Yeah I get it when I flow
You don’t know I’m so gone
In one night Hit the pipe Chug ten pints Lean Another pill another j
Shot your
Fucking sniped
Yeah straight to the dome bitch
Fuck her to the catacombs bitch
Fuck me through the telephone
Fuck your tits so hard I’ll break your breast bone bitch
break it
shake it
wake it
then bake it
go ape shit
I’m faded
No chaser
Go ahead and take more shots
I’m danger
Like lazers
On alligators
Shooting them at you
So evil
Dr evil
Annihilating everything until there are no traces
Left of any people
drop it
drop a bomb on em bitch uh yeah
I’m obi wan in this bitch
I’m Genghis khan in this bitch
I wreck every song in this bitch
I rip her thong off while I rip the bong in this bitch
I’m getting the goods leprechaun flying
I don’t fuck with you I’m bigger and better than sean
Live long
Get it on and
Fuck a bitch until she can’t respond
Don’t talk just shut up
Me oh I’m the come up
But I don’t even need to come up
cus I’m already thumbs up
In her pussy until it’s numb yuh
Damn oh yeah I’m one up
Fucking shit up until the suns up
Hear me run up I’m a gunner
And I and I got your number
yeah I got you lover
yeah yeah I got you under my spell
and I got you all wondering
about yourselves
as I fire out all these shells
and you can’t event touch me
all my cells are dbz
go ahead take a
Take a shot of me
Oh take a shot at me
go ahead try and take your best shot at me!
Uh, take a shot at me
And you’ll see
You’ll be left sucking me on your knees
Drown in it
She says please let me
I say go ahead let me see
I’m in the sea puffing on some sea weed
Wi wi
Yes yes
Shooting out some B B’s
Licking on some b’s
Black and yellow bumble bees
Maybe some double d’s or z’s
Fucking til I get z’s time to take a rest
Then breathe
breathe breathe
then fire bitch
take a shot at me one more time
I make all holes in ones on nine
you took a shot and that’s it
you’re finished
and I
just exploded like a hollow point
say goodbye peace!

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