Of Course

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Am I high yet? Yup of course i am,
Gettin by yet? Yup of course i am
Meditation in the quiet, yup of course i am
Its the modern day menace,
Jordan, not Dennis,
A morbid kid whippin bitches with car antennas,
Cultivated grand essence ghostin these gram blessings,
His soul doomed already he dont need no damn penance,
The devils apprentice,
Chicken bones and asbestos summon denizens of the heavens,
I been out here for a minute in need of injections,
Give my bitches c sections when i cant afford the clinic,
These days i can feel sanity slippin away by the minute,
My phoenix suns fitted contains my brain keep it lidded,
Eyes heavy lidded, crimson, but its my business,
Country club cigars stale but still slightly minted,
Stolen from the limo tinted, hidden in the hyundai rented,
rims in the winter, aluminum slightly dented,
Forever weed scented, pockets always be linted,
Been that way since 12 when i was a defendent,
Flash forward girls wear my seed as a pendant,
Derek Jeter bitches as im movin toward the pennant,
Yeah i got a plan, Shaman move with patience,
Since moving quickly's a gimme for two years of probation,
Nowadays its free coke at the days Inn,
My girl laying,
On the floor like Uma Thurman,
Flip her over, the Jeffrey still burnin,
And i aint eaten all day,
Just scotch and gummi bears, no wonder my stomach hurtin,
Am i high yet? Yup of course I am,
Gettin by yet? Yup of course i am,
Meditation in the quiet? Yup of course i am,
Albino rap giant? Yup of course i am,
Mufuckin son of sam,
Suge Knight business plans,
Hanging off the balcony by ankly til that day i can
Afford to swang off that lot, no lease, keys in hand,
Put my mama up in sands, no lease keys in hand,
Got them goals, can barely see them over obstacles,
And from the belly of the beast it seem impossible
Stuck in 05 lemme put you on the Game,
I aint rappin for the fame, im rappin to get a range,
im rappin to see me and my crew on forbes front page,
You get the money, get the bitches and the weed, its all lovely,
If you got none of the above get the fuck away from me,
Im hungry,
Teeth gnaw at my cheeks while Im asleep,
Losing weight week after week as my body eats,
Cash go to rum and Cuban hookers, not food on the fuckin shelf,
Oh how i ruin myself,
Bumpin game in the 4 seater, broken heater,
Hands between her thighs, shes a cheater,
2 am, where ya man at?
At home watching your kids, almost like you planned that,
Crucifix on, guess its Christ today,
She got nice tits, but even nicer legs,
Dont talk about jesus make that ass clap right away
Am I high yet? Yup of course i am
Gettin by yet? Yup of course i am?
Meditation in the quiet? Yup of course i am,
Albino rap giant? Yup of course I am,
Wore that Jason Kidd jersey round Scottsdale swerving,
Of course im ridin dirty, im the muthafuckin shaman,
Reincarnated version of Shakespeare rhymin,
I got stories for days and a drug habit to match,
With a nasty tendency to count my eggs before they hatch,
Black n milds in the trap when i come to get my stash,
Bougie bitches lookin good but they aint worth the cash,
So im low key, solar shields loccing on the dash,
Blunted shaman, all he need is an instrumental and some ass,
Pen, a pad and a cigarette to ash,
Southern rising son, wait to see what I become,
Other rappers can go home cuz i done bodied this one.

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