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Yo, MC Pancho, Look. Yeah...
These are, these are the wounds of a peasant man
Hopeless kid without a chance
Go ahead, reach out and touch his hands
And feel the bruise, the wounds of a peasant man
(Verse 1)
Everyday I ask myself the cost of being educated
No food in the fridge, a single mother, grades below basic
A car in dire need of replacement
The cards are stacked against us and I'm getting agitated
I don't want my bros to grow up hungry or stupid
And I don't want to be useless with a dead end job
I seen most of my family do it work their whole lives for no cause
But we have to, to get through it, so we beg to God.
I'm going to school trying to setup a career
Save my mom from being a gas station cashier
I'm sitting in class trying to interpret the board
It's not working, I'm still getting low test scores
Hoping to god they Improve
If I fail I won't have left to choose
And my family's dependent on me to pay dues
There is no room for failure, no room for excuse
So how do you win, when you're destined to lose?
So how do you win, when you're destined to lose?
Please someone tell me how I win, when I'm destined to lose.
(Verse 2)
Have you ever fit seven people in one room?
Slept on the floor, strangers in the bathroom
Or lived so broke you had to duct tape your own shoes
Collecting cans to make enough money for food
My fucking father left when I was only a kid
Then the second dad decided to give up and quit
How was I to know I'd have to replace their image?
Four siblings following me, I better move different?
I've got a missing childhood I had to grow quick
Sometimes I wish I could go back to being an infant
I gained a thousand problems in a fucking instant
Now as an adult the weight has grown and thickened
So give me a good reason to keep going the distance
I don't want to fail my family but I'm feeling insufficient
I'm about to pull the trigger I shouldn't
But Lucifer promises relief with just one bullet
He promises relief with just one bullet
(Quietly) He promises relief with just one bullet
In the midst of my depression, aiming for succession
I've managed to isolate myself within detention
My friend don't come around as often
All busy fighting battles, playing has become no option
I miss opening up to my brother
It's only been two months, but feels like longer
I'm returning to bad habits, waiting for life to happen
Sorry to my friends and family for constantly being absent
I hope one day, it'll all go away, but I'm staring in the mirror wondering
what the fuck is going on within my brain
I'm looking for some sane, I'm looking for some faith
Please someone teach me and explain
I'm looking for a reason
Time flying through the seasons
and my dreams are dissipating in the evening
I won't stop till my heart stops beating, Till i stop breathing
But who awaits at the end, an angel or a demon?
(Demon Echoes out)

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