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constantly on that laugh now cry later, massive rhyme creator
rap is my world, and im the equator, mussons a massive masturbater haha
play games with em, like tick tac to
got three in a row, and sold three o's
on that pimp shit, got them hoex
they tell me ta chill on this shit,
bitch ill chill on this shit, when these fake ass rappers
get hit, and left in a ditch, i got all their bitches bumping my shit
love is just a game and i forced cupid to quit, boy thats as real as it gets
tell me something i wanna hear
while you all up my ear
I put poetry in motion, vibin we just coasting
i smashed the vile of love potion, sick of heart corrosion
X(ex) marks the spot, so that bitch im exposing
but we fucked up, im fucked up, get fucked up
getting loosy goosy, popping molly im getting choosy
baby justuse me, cuz id be guilty if you accused me
cuz your cute see, im tryna fuck thats what the truth b
back at the crib cuz you cant refuse me, haha one man army

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