(Cypher) Chavstar - True-Z

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You drive by in your honda civic
from 1989 with the doors up high
with the windows tinted black and the seats arched back
you think it looks good but the skirts all cracked
you're just a lambo wanna be with the spoiler novelty
you’ve got the rims XL in the plastic subtlety
It's all a lie
With the fake racer seats
I don't know why you waste your money
You're like a taser with the police
Yo, check it out on the beat get wrecked
Resurrect, bang your head
On the seat, get decked
Pound stretcher bag on your arm and a fag
You got your girl by your side, 12 kids, she's a slag
You live on benefits
But hate the government
All the money that they give you
You waste on weed and drugs
Coz you think you're hard as fuck
Coz you're smoking all that pot
But the thing is you're not
So shut the fuck up
Yo, coz I'm rapping all these bars
Before you think of a response
I bombard and then depart
Setting off all your alarms, keep calm
Coz luckily you're bound with a council house
You've got the government that you hate
Paying for you weed clubhouse
So don't get stressed or possess
Don't let off your bulldog Suarez
Coz you got all of fucking us
Paying for your life no interest
Yo, so fuck you from the point-of-view
We've decided that we don't-need-you
You bring no rev-e-nue to the UK
You just steal then act like-you-paid
You holler at them from the other street
With you trousers at your knees
With larger in your hand
With you england shirt, shouting fuck da police

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