Stay Loud by Jokr

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Everyday I'm gonna lay out
Everyday I'm gonna say it loud
Everday I'm gonna play it out
Everyday I'm gonna stay loud
Jokr on a killing spree
verbally I kill my enemies
I'm the baddest in the business
here to win it not to finish
I'm the best at the finesse
you can put me to the test and I'll break no sweat
I'm only sixteen and my flow so mean
I already got them day dreams
and I'm stacking up some cheese
Visa card for Mickey D's
and my wallet is for green
And I spend it how I please
I feel accomplished with my life
like the first im road a bike
and I'm Feeling like a kid
cause I'm doing something big
I got the motivation
and the means to aviation
trynna make hunred grand when Im a man
supply and demand put that money in my hand
rolex on my wrist and some nice ass kicks
jokr is the name know how to play my chips
and I'm a wild card I'm unbeatable
one day I'll be a star and that's believable
Just gotta put in the practice
preach rap like a baptist
You know I am the baddest that is my only status
I'm acting like a pro when i'm going on the flow
I'm writing at my desk with my eyes so low
I'm living at the peak and I came to compete
In my head writing down all these sheets
I ain't go a whip but i always trip
holdin to reality not gonna loose my grip
sometimes get lost in my dreams and hit snooze
I run in the race and I never ever loose

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