Shots (Produced by SoundParq)

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King T the savage
I ain't about to be passive
Lock jaw spittin raw
Like bullets from a cocked glock
I got the game captive
Moving up the ladder while you livin lavish
I can see you havin flashes
Life flashing before your eyes
Toe to toe over records it aint about the size
I brought the ruckus, what did you provide?
You better off committing suicide
Wide Ride like a boat, and I'm on a tide
Swavy flow swavy
I'm on Seal Team 6, attacking like I'm in the navy
I eat this beat with some gravy
And I know you think this is crazy
But this is just some shit I cooked for when I'm lazy
Ya girl busy tryna chase me
But she be acting a little shady
Poking holes in my condoms, I think she wantin my baby
But that hoe ain't about to be my lady
But she suck my dick on the daily
And swallow like its some pastry
Tellin me how its tasty
Today its a little bit more pasty
But she wants to savor it for Daisy
I say "Daisy?"
she say Daisy
I remember her vaguely
Now tell me what you want
A couple chains, a couple bitches, all so you can flaunt?
See your enemies, and now you wanna taunt?
But you just entered the gaunt-let gauntlet
Melting under the heat, like some chocolate
All your shit is so bad its scary, like its haunted
I can do this alone, I don't need no endorsement
Fuck a nice guy tone
I be all off in my zone
look at these flows that I own
People ask me for a loan
I be all off in my zone
I'm a one man show
But I can't do this shit alone
They slept on me now I'm grown...wait
And I'm coming for the throne
Boy you know this shit was prone
Comin for it like a drone
Swear to god i'm in my zone
Cant even answer my phone
I can not be cloned
Bitch get prepared because we on
I'm the next phenom
And I spit venom
My UFO is chrome
Thats why your girl giving dome
Stick it to her like an extra chromosome
Call me Caesar, this is Rome
Bitch I said I'm in my zone
Fuck all the applause I aint here for no awards
I always did this shit and I never got my rewards
I get it done annually, just look at the reports
Don't ask me whos winning, the numbers on the boards
May all my friends become a lord, may that girl get her divorce
May you all keep doubting me, I'll kill you with no remorse
The laws of life and death are both strictly enforced
If you cant do it, dont do it, shit Nike can't endorse
Fuck all of you bitches
Put away the fuckin camera
Kanye West to Paparazzi
Fuck all of ya cameras
If you talking shit
I know the people that can damage ya
Come and Spray ya fucking house
and paint your body like a canavas
I won't be the one to do it
Shit is just so scandalous
Pull up on the scene
and smile as you in the ambulance
This aint nothing personal
Silence is my ambiance
Pour a fuckin toast,
Celebrate we champions.
Fucking in the club,
You still standing at the stanchions
You aint doing shit
Your career is transience
Cut your fucking body
and take away your pancreas
leave your fucking body
you get picked up by some pantheists
Wolves cant even eat you
Cause you're so fucking scantiness
Should've just been quiet
This win instantaneous
Next time i'll let off
This just showed my fucking canniness
Bitches best be quiet, its young T
Reppin HDee
Giving hoes D sippin no tea
Charging no fee
Its on me
If you know me, you know me
I run the game below Thor, thats lowkey
With no trophy
If you gettin cozy
I come from behind and kill you slowly
All praises to Buddha, and he whose holy but not ghostly
Demons surround me so I'm never lonely
It takes energy, but you can hear them if you listen closely
I just trample and ride off into the sunset like a pony
These are lines that you'll hear here only..

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