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breath it in
release the demon in
increase the speed of this
heart beating in my chest
double kick leading in
before the drop
feel the drip leaking in my neck
broken faucet soak the sink
coke it's bringing me to death
focus leaving me no rest
hocus pocus trick or treat
smoking dope is sick and sweet
too much soda missing teeth
loading up another hit
overdosing hold it in
blow it out
and go again
until your out
then roll up in
the 86 Chevrolet
bedrocking it with my legs
petroleum it dissipated
barely made it
to the place
luniz in the tape deck
I only got 5
what he sold me was a jive
but I need to get high
it only was a hit
but i loaded up the pipe
inhaled all the smoke
just to blow it in the sky
and just like that
it was over in a flash
marvel at the fact
that I started on this track
crack kills in the moon light
like some pants saggin
commando in this piece
in the streets back at it
crack addict
jimmy crack corn
gonna crack the whip
broken glass fragments
empty sack with a blackened lip
calloused fingertips
utilized everyone of em
started with my thumb
now it's looking like
I pluck wit em
finger picking
finger flickin
flick the bic
pristine precision
hit and get
the ringer hit
then I'm on a mission
instead of walking Christian
Im staying caught inside this prison
of rock a by baby rocks
rocked inside my kitchen
a rockified addiction
rock it up like rocking mics
rocking like a rocking chair
living a rockers life
erotic nights
of constant flight
like bottle rockets in the sky
hollow pockets
Colorado product
getting rocky high
demonic rites
of passage
methodically enhances
my zombified persona
on a plight into the blackness
it's more than just narcotics
it's molding golden calfs with
my own two hands
to worship it
devoted to the dragon
getting drug in
to the grave that's dug
enslaved to the ways of him
take this drug
the taste of it
eradicates the pain within
emphatic chase
in erratic haste
i try to grab the package
that I'm adamant
is the passage to the place
of pseudo happiness
in a room full of savages
influenced by the gift of dragon
never adequate
hoping that this addict quits
smoking on that crack and sh**
I never would've imagined this
living a life so blasphemous

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