name is Nate

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Your friends will flip-flop fast when facing trouble.
Our financial future fell into a free-fall.
Most monsters don’t mind making messes.
the universe cant handle the truth
we are not alone we are just a clone
dont pick up the phone
take a moment
enjoy this breath it might be your last
girl shake tha ass
brace yourself for the last
you dont always have to pay me in gas
I accept debit or grass
Don't tell on me if I skip class
or ill have to throw you in the trash
minds colliding; clash.
if you do me right you can pick up some cash
I wont backlash
and make you get whiplash
my name is Nate
I stopped doing dates
because Bitches make me psycho Norman Bates.
flip the game
im not looking for fame
i Know I get it im lame
take out my cane
im spider man do this for Mary Jane
she my main
what will I gain from this
call me this prince of Edenia
because I always make it rain
dont care if your in pain

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