Worst song ever

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im element
real name jesus new testament
its evident im relevant im setting presidents
i like Mexicans so ill go with the city senates
get a bullet and send it straight through the head of trump if hes president
but im just a wack kid who likes fat chicks like mad thick
do her in the background like an ad lib
the only reason you cant understand me when i rap quick
is cuz i suck at rap and and have wet fat lips
plus i mumble when im sad and no one loves me
plus im ugly a hooker wouldnt touch me
i smell musty elmo wouldnt hug me
but im white so at least yall can trust me
i go to parks hit kids and be sitting on the lawn
take their lunch money while im hitting on their moms
wearing all black while its 86 degrees
passing out my card like i babysit for free
"dont listen to element! hes a wackjob!
ive seen him jack off in the lab on a laptop!
to a girl sucking on a tampon guess what he had on!
a tan bra, a strap on and the slim jesus new rap song!"
"ugh! whats wrong with this kid?"
"i hated every song that he did!''
"i wont hate rap as long as he quits!"
"my patience for him is as long as his" wait
yall thought i want all yall to listen?
so that i can pop off and on the television?
naw dawg all yall been missin
i just want several women cuz raw dogs the mission
but i hate all the fit girls cuz they all run around
but thick girls will make my bumper touch the ground
i need something new like a fat tourist
"the end of my verse?" time for a wack chorus
yea i know what im gonna say but its not really that thought out so i might just go
up to your home. go straight up to your home.
go with all my ho....mies.
i know i blat blat blat when i go
i know i blat blat blat when i go
(okay how about we do something with not as many gun shots?)
Yea i know what you mean.... like this?
(autotune voice)
Elements back i dont expect for a laugh
i have my neck on her chest having sex in a cabin
i text when im mad im not making this up
i facetime my teachers while im taking a dump
i hate to rap for the hate that ill get
cuz im bad at this and have a case of tourettes
this raps hard to take its only made for a few
ive watched boy meets worlds cuz i think topanga is cute
i liked how in the other song i would say something and they would all hype it up.
it wouldnt even make sense and they would hype it up.
it wouldnt even make sense but they all hype it up!
i cannot pee without sitting down
i cannot pee without sitting down
i cannot....
(autotune voice)

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