Hold Up The Phone Prod. by Sound...

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{Verse 1}
Two deep in the problem man that's another discussion
For another time cause girl you know I’m bluffing
I ain’t nothing without something
So be that something special coming
Breakfast Dinner I’m running like its Christmas and I love it
Holy matrimony sings like I’m invited for a bit
Lemme puff puff pass slow take another hit
I’m riding with sins and gin so please don’t make me say
I’m unholy unworthy… calling up the phone of grace
Lord take me far away
I don’t wanna walk the path that I’m walking today
You already know what I’m saying
So whats the hold up hes vacant I’m stuck in line in the basement
Hoping for tombs to grab a fool and catch a body asking too to
{Verse 2}
Different cameras nigga, I'm speaking a different language
Different angle I'm feeling a little bitter and
The exorcist is blessing kids with ghosts of gods and handlings
I'm sipping lean and asking for a blessing to absolve my sins
But that's in the book so ill sign it cause its my honor see
To be what I am you must read to feed like recess heaving
Holy bleeding I'm roasting heathens these spoken lyrics
Is impacting like hulk in the three-peat
Lemme run to these feats I'm leaking
Riding round sipping gin and tonic
You know I’m already haunted
By ghosts from the past and conscious
I really need blessing honest
Because I might fall into a pit of my own dissolving
Is that subconscious?
Am I monster who commits these atrocious coughings
And blames it all on the nausea
I’m sure I could find the problem
If I wanted it to be solved but
I guess I just gotta go on the path that the crows blow
Singing to the choir the heavenly roses smell so
Sweet like the ocean breeze man I’m floating
To these silly notions approaching the gate to open
But he said.. to me

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