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Don't know what i'm doing, so don't listen to what I spit
All my spit is fucking shit and thus the shit I spit is shit
Not that very fucking smart, so all my raps take no wit
But I'm still playing this game, and you won't ever see me quit
Uh, if you're reading all this shit that I wrote
Please disregard the bile that's piling in your throat
And give me some criticism so that I can take some fucking notes
Of what I'm doing wrong;fix it, make it right, I hope
Uh. Yeah. I really need some fucking help.
I'm so fucking fat, for my pants I need a belt.
So God damn fucking stupid, I know that I excel
In absolutely fucking nothing. I'm gonna burn in fucking hell.
So that's why I fucking rap
Not because it's gangsta cool,
but instead so I can attack
The inner demons that drool
all over my mind and my heart. My body and my soul
so once they hit that end point, it's all over you know
I don't got nothing left. Even my girl left me alone.
I already lost my body, rest in peace my muscle bone
I can't move no more, these weights make themselves well known
as attachment, 'cuz i gotta abandon everything for the throne
And I came back from the ground, 40 times fucking far
how many fucking more, 'cuz my body has the scars
i want to give up on life, become the ash on a cigar
fly away in fucking space, float amongst the fucking stars
Yo, I'm so upsetting, I don't got no motivation
All my raps ain't finished yet, they peaced to go to vacation
But, I saw a facebook friend, this girl she's gonna win this prize
Two-thousand fucking dollars. I couldn't believe my fucking eyes
If she can do well, then why can't I do it too?
I'm not from the hood, i'm just some random asian dude
from the white suburbans, but that don't mean i'm royally screwed
i may be different from the rest of you, but i still fucking spew
All these lyrics that rhyme, at least I hoping that I am
I don't really like pork, so you won't ever see me go ham
But just because i'm baa-d, you should know i'mma ram
those fucking bulls(bullies) that tread all over my face, breaking the dam
The absolute threshold that's holding me back
Although only 50% of my swings will smack
But I gotta go all in, picking up all of my slack
If i don't then all that shit I do is only just jack
Now, I understand that this cypher is only a beat
Got no topic to rap about, so you gotta bring the heat
To everyone else, who you're going to defeat
But don't copy nobody else, never ever fucking cheat
Don't compare yourself to anybody else
Only care about you, and only yourself
'Cuz the world we live in, you gotta maintain your health
Else, you'll die alone in vain, in attempt to gain some wealth
Although I admit myself that I shouldn't be a preacher
I don't know shit myself, so I ain't a fucking teacher
But that don't mean that you gotta think that I'm hella fucking wrong
I'm talking out my ass, but I'm conveying a message in this song
Is there anything else, left for me to try to say
'Cuz by now all these rappers should know I'm coming their way
But not like Fetty Wap's song, 'cuz I ain't their bae
Chasing after them over and over, every single day
But, they won't ever be able to get me to leave
Not until I convince them that they all should believe
And trust in me, I mean where would you rather fucking be?
Home alone chilling, or chilling with with me in the streets
Used to be hella shy, couldn't make any friends
Self-esteem low, I always forced to depend
on other people to offer their heart, and then extend
that hand of theirs to me, but all of that fucking ends
The moment college life came, it changed my whole life
I mean many old friends, left but it's fine, it's alright
New friends replaced them, all these asian replaced the white
But i'm truly happy 'cuz my bros ain't uptight
Although I think back in my life, being deep in fucking thought
Emo dude before, but now grateful for what I got
So look back in yours, and be aware of your blind spot
'Cuz you'll lose yourself in pleasure and you're gonna get shot

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