Refresher Prod.By Soundparq

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All Im doing is looking up
Nothing in my way will stop me from reaching the top
The top man on the totem pole IS ME
(Verse 1)
I wanna be at the top of the totem pole to see
When everyone else is at the bottom of the sea
Biting up on there pebbles not fruity enough for me
There all old school flinstones its not how i want to be
I started off with old beats now I’m on to the new
This dirt will help you out like balsam of Paru
Thinkin about this hard can you really construe
Follow Through your point of view that i am Adequating to
Its nothing new i really want to speak my mind
Im one of a Kind Im not something you can define
Im that one shot a buzzer point right at the line
Call me D Rose a gift that you cannot Decline
Give me one shot and i shoot the game winning point
Call me the MVP a god that just wants to anoint
Back to back wins I’m the guy you reappoint
The best in the league playing me is your 1 choice
Ill Spear you for justice I’m the Galaxies Batista
No John Cena i see you a Guardian that you been meeting
Im Deceiving been retrieving all this trash while you been leaving
A night to fight for all thats right for all the living creatures

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