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i aint rappin for money im rappin for respect
i aint rappin for a month nah im rappin till the death
im rappin till it ends in my ends or in the heavens
forever with my pencil my pens my weapon
my pen is the death wish of any mc steppin
i do it coz i love it i aint nothin more or less
and when i hit the floor n decend youll remember
my legacy i left write with the right forever
and never will i die my embers rest as i enter
heaven, crown me a king sail away in my penmanship
the endless mist you cant mistake this shit
i wanna be more than an entertainer
i ain't wanna get famous just earn respect of men n ladies
i'm tryna win the race but pace it
sick of pacing i just wanna rage n say this
hands shake touch the paper
each word fading as the days go
im doing this real never gon fake it
never gonna sell my soul for papers
the day the devil gets my tounge id be changing
and i dont fuck with change
i mature but i stick to my nature
i live in my room write at the table
each brick around me secure no escaping
i lock myself in till the pages filled
with truth nothing but my mind n rage in
side im a crazed git
thoughts spilling out tryna make my name big
but at the same time remembering where i came from
i aint down for fame just respect from my mates n
the greats of this the next and forever generations
legacy forever stays the same
this rap shit aint a game its a set in stone aim
they say rebels dont change
but my levels just raise
wanted death on several occasians
proud to say raps saved me
from myself and some other cray shit
go facebook, update status i feel amazing
fuck a deal fuck a mill fuck bills
fuck the hate fuck mainstream fuck fakes
fuck the paper fuck derailing
this track is dedicated to respecting rap

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