Writing and Burning

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Brillig's Notes

excuse the cold, please

writing burning this night oil, like so many cigarette ends
beginning to pile up from weekly freakouts; to tv trends
PTSD from HD, night terrors scripted perfectly,
never see the twist until the crushing end.
Let's shout from the peaks to the glens, and then
extend a heart to mend, what Catastrophe, has to be doing
to Neighbors Not Making Ends/ meet
bombed out Internal Geography, We screen-jumping refugees from reality
Border wars of self and other, splinter groups Identity
and the Ego's selling arms, We all suffer Except the enemy
Leaders cop the mic to bluff us, to their co-dependency
because, we the people, Pull the Plug whenever we damn well please
we ain't done it yet? Well geez….
...guess I gotta keep the Rap game Going til the Next Release
so i'm Drifting Golden like the Pollen from trees
soul-shaking solilquoys, a verbal swarm of killer bees
but let me lean back as the ivories start to twinkle
no masterplan in hand we can work it out between the napkins wrinkles
casting toward the brink, still purpose and past are motive diesel for
this intention engine, a billion person power solidarity machine
that is definitely not street legal, cuz it only turns over for a unified people
the opposite of government wants hierarchy and church steeple
it has no single driver and works when all parts are equal
and when it hits the street, authorities with titles and weak spines
will be crushed in the pattern of our tread lines
the rest of us depress the clutch, and shift the struggle, to next fight
the rest might, let their hair down and kick legs up,
i'm packed up and hopping on the next ride
to drag this loaded rap cart, towed by goats up the mountainside
leaving a string of impossible tracks for miles behind,

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