Cypher Pyro

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Funkatron's Notes

First track in Logic and on a mac, feed back very welcome. Beat produced by Letsruntrack

guess who's back, with a new phat track,
for my goons and fellow toons, who was Feelin it fast,
real girls squelin and traps, for the haters and hacks,
the return of the greatest, with his matches and gas,
he slipped his way through the pack, through the crowd, to the clash,
to light this cypher on fire, sacrifice it to Isaac,
turn this challenge to pyre, to inspire these sidekicks,
but paranic problems, masticate at each and every step,
they knomin on my flesh, till I don't recognize what's left,
and on the real, skippin meals, haven't written In weeks,
cannot feel, cannot deal, depression sinking it's teeth,
my razor tongue, cutting gums, repreSSED he needin release,
an writer's block, just the build up, to the snuff of this beat,
no veiled message here, stray from getting all deep,
its time to fucking get raw, and do some bragging on me,
the illest realest rapper, to ever smack the scene,
even if I make it above ground, still get my sound for free,
not concerned with an image, or droppin thuggish imagery,
just messages of truth from my booth to lift the streets,
no marketing gimmick, get what you hear and you see,
in spite of rightful anger, pushing positivity,
but that's empathy not weakness, misspeak an I slaughter sheep,
catch sympathy from ur hina, while you whinin, you just like er,
step up, administer test, please,
watch me smash it like I'm rabbid, savage, ravaging machine,
where you goin homie, roll solo, it's just me,
ain't scary to look at, but these scraps is supreme,
and I'm chasing a dream, not the cash or the v,
not the ass or the fame, pursue the truth within me,
the pursuits to be free,enlightenment in finest sense,
it's right within reach, so good luck within ring,
cuz within is grinning, sinning savage fucking thing.

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