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Watch me snap back no hats just the raps that contract in your brain/
Never escapin the realms I create/
On the canvas, latch back this madness I practice/
Get, handed a mic, watch me, tackle a man from inside/
The core in the solar plexus, dip rhymes in, they multiply/
Molded lines, how they fold a mind, from my boulder spine/
Colossal like, im ancient as painting archaic pages/
Catch the God in cadence, watch me manipulate with the latest/
Rhymes that i devise, I riddle your life, cynical hittin the sinister/
Like minded guys, the platinum mic, comin in bombin it, no surprise/
Atomic watch me partin in logic, thoughts come of toxic/
Sonic booms, how my vocals exhumin a cosmic doom/
Loom in lunar lights, im all applied, a darkened heart with spark inside/
The circuitry surgin, this vertebrae serpent unearthin/
Heard of me lurkin, the mystical seven, servin em verses/
With devilish purpose yet only beckon angelic turbulence/

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