Back N There

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I don't know where it's at
But i've been there and back...
I've been there and back
I've been there and back
It's apparent that my parents' tactics
Isn't what I'd hope it be
One left me barren, one left airin'
But at least she takes care of me
It isn't fair you see, I'm blind to
my errands squeeze tears for attention
but even EYE am not listening
Ions are glistening a few extra seconds
Hoping something other than negativity
Would sit next to me, Beg and plead
as I shed and bleed regularly, beckoning
intercepting polarities come
with a second seat
Survival comes first, happiness
falling short, yet I stand tall
like adapting's my growth spurt
What happens is no worse
Than any action my hope works
Into reality-is my vocabulary
Sits above my goals, behold
This is all "you'll get out of this kid"
This repition record spitting definitions
Of his hectic living in and out
of messages he represented
I'm a bass over harmony, no basis
when harming me, I struck a chord
With my heart pulling my arteries
Fooling my artistry, Hardly see
through your facades, Start to free
All of your stray hate when part of me
Is afraid of playing this but
I can't hold out on the card beneath
I abhor everything, I'm a whore to your needs
Being so submissive to bitches has wittled my knees
But now I don't give a fuck about you
I'll do what I please
Just like youv'e been doing since day one
Supporting horns with such ease
I must seem like a game to you
Easy settings arranged for you
To make me jump on command
A man with no gun yet aims for you
I came to you with trust at first
But now it's all seconds of angst and hurt
Complaining bursts, but I'll leave that behind
Like you've done to me, And in return I earned
A lesson invested in each turn I seize
The perfect metaphor for our relationship
would be my delivery over this eloquent beat

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