Lost In Translation

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By right now I’m asking one of my play/
I’m all day/
DA tag his body like John Doe, on his toe.
Where do Jane stay? /
Love it, but I aint saying nothing/
Starving artist, like hungry type- 3 years go/
Call me Deaf kid crossing, no watch where I go/
Dead man walking, not a AMC tv show/
Try to Pidgeon hole the pivot hold, I am on a different road/
Let’s remediate-
Well, where do definitions go?
Got to x and o/
Run the D like Russel Simmons bro/
A penned not to send float/
Encapsulate the pain
And then quote/
Time is a reality of casualty-
Rap game court/
All of sort/
What’s in store/
The season changed you, but was just here before/
Fort mining mine so remember me/
My effigy/
A blank screen dependency/
They aint ever really what they meant to be/
Smoke green so the pain can be pain free/
Aint that easy, but that’s what they try to sell to me/
King of Titans, that’s exciting/
Like Thor stepped to a Viking/
What’s a grown man crying/
It’s a grown man iris/
Leaked from reading through this life thing wring in a papyrus/
I been Anti-everything/
Anti-touching views, a bit of anti-Midas/
In this anti-climate/
Need a change, who is hiring/
Battle foes
That’s opposed, you exposed to a eyelid/
Words is blinding/
Verbal sirens/
Study helpless gerbils dying/
In a cage, wheel the stage, mirror you is homework miming/
An sitting on the sideline, you are the assignment/
And I am, what the whole freshman class is missing/
The hottest thing smoking, you just stepped into my kitchen/
Got a lot of new moves, can I make the transition/
4 point stance, glance, knock the Q out of position/
Nice to meet you too-only do, don’t ask permission/
Who were you last year, yea we met that exposition/
Got a laundry list of details, voyage-expedition/
Cuz the red shed for me like a busted transmission/
Body, mind, heart and soul/
Can he make the winning goal? /
Benchmark these bench marks, ghost write for pen sharks/
Yung killing opposition, Yung killing Joan of Arc/
Got to spit what’s on my stomach, and tell that Tale Heart...

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