setting it off

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my rap flows so tight
i eat so much pussy i feel like a dike.
she wanna do it for one night
i said sorry no bitch i gotta catch my flight
i came to set the record straight.
i get more money than kids on they birthday
this for the love not the hate
i dont do talking there is no debate.
i came to kill all these niggas that there is my fate.
i used a condom on you so you cant be late.
i am the king of this rap shit wheres my checkmate
im so damn tall they call me huncho the great.
northside chicago where all the niggas heard of me.
i am no cd so there aint no burning me.
no folding under pessure so theres no holding a g.
i just try to relax whille i smoke a b.
northside where we call it the northpole.
im from the pole where its really cold.
where them bullets hot just like a stove.
niggas know and bitches know that im gone blow

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