Broken Water-Boy

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I swore a chorus
brought the light into my world
and a doctor to my doorstep
As my mother spread eagle
Sent shivers
and it's colder
knowing everybody's watching at this moment
I can't describe it without soundin
like a fortune teller
Normal's for the weakest mortal
often umbilicals round the neck
He won't make it doc
His face is turner bluer
by the second
Catch his body
goin over his head
He's underdressed for the occasion
Every Baby's known for spittin
But i've been paintin since a zygote
Cave drawin's in the womb
Neanderthal's discovered fire
So i'mma bring it
Don't dismiss the kid
Cause every child could only speak the truth
til you dilluted him with Santa Clauses
feelin clausterphobic in this pod
you made
from Matrix movies
You tried to save me
But can't change a monster
Even Frankenstein escaped
I'm Quasimodo fightin Frollo
Romeo invitin Juliet
to bed
and hopin Capulets don't notice
I'm a student in the office
bein studied by a higher being
Who can't decide if my homework was up to par
But the bar exam i had passed started off
inside the hospital
I'm off the bench
because my mothers pushin harder

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