Meltdown (Prod. By letsruntrack.)

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This town ain't big enough for the both of us.
Prowling around are savages so accidents
Can happen any moment bruh. The sole aroma of
A pussy can push me to leave you opened up soaked in blood.
That's my animal instinct. The cannibal in me.
Is very convincing. Its tempting
To free the beast but i keep him concealed for real
I have a feeling in my brain that it ain't right.
Demons and angels on my shoulder in plain sight.
And they're on the same side. How do I take life serious
When I experience weekly cycles like periods.
Where I could bring tears to the eye in the pyramid.
Mom and pops got stressing hair falling off.
Sweating so they think I'm probably off a molly rock.
Questioning Illuminati. Go ahead call the cops.
If you do I'll get your nose stomped like a Nollie pop, bitch
This is something Jigsaw could watch
Watch em' get slaughtered when the timer on the clock is stopped.
You think I really give a fuck?
Well lemme show why not nigga, because....
Life's just a bitch unless she's undressed.
Beneath the sundress are breasts to be caressed.
Which leads to sex, depletes stress.
Pack a latex so my seeds aren't laid in her nest.
That's the birds and the bees bringing dirt to her knees.
Other than that life's pretty worthless to me.
I take no handouts, fucks I ran out. Sitting duck
Outta luck throwing in the towel, Sham-wow.
Soaking up the sun by sand wow how I wish
That's how my life was planned out. But fuck it.
I'm living the with hand I'm dealt now.
Doing whatever I can before I have a meltdown. Im out.

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