Rezen L- Done With Flow

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This Competition Ain't Compelling At All, I Kick Every Bar In Position To Impale You And Um'//
Your Ailments Gets Strong When Sleek In Poison, I Proceed To Reach That Breach In The Floor Where Your Ceiling's The Seat Of My Leaking Toilet//
Procedure's The Least Annoyin', I Be That Reliever Of Frequent Torment, Seeking Peace But Still Keep The Streets In Accordance//
With Leaving This Beat In Pieces And Cornered, On Corners Where Pieces Get Heat Even From Leaving The Jeans When It's Storming//
I Kick It Raw & Tactical, So Unsurpassable Is Just An Example Of All The Stats I've Donned As Masterful//
While Not As Practical, To Understand Where I'm At In Advance, You'd Have To Get A Dazzlin' Glance Into How I'd Act Befo'//
I Stacked The Flow, Cause It's Miraculous, I'm Sparring, With, Beyond The Average For Rapping With Decorum When I'm//
Packing Fists To Pass Em' When Fastened In, Bashing Mortals, Collapsing Chins, Unwrapping The Bandages From My Calluses//
Cause That's Just How It Be When I Be Flowing A Lot, But Ya'll Ain't Tryna' Hear My CD's Or Know When They Drop//
So Stop The Madness, I More Than Got A Passion For This, That's Why I Ain't Rappin' 'Bout Trappin', Having A Stack Or A Brick.......
Cause It's More To Life Than Rhyming 'Bout What's Trending On The Beats & Rhythm, I'm Leaving Each With Venom, Peeps I Distinguish As Victims//
And Then Some, I'm Not A Product Of Success Yet, But Awesome How I Got A Lot Of The Problems Success Gets//
And Just Then, I've Been Destined To Discourage Tyrants, Murders, Burglars, Urban Riots, And Them Sirens, And Lying//
When I Hit The Beat The Lyrics Be The Illest In Description, My Tendency To Rip It, Splits A Rift To A Different Dimension//
Did I Mention, I'm The Malicious, Vile Predator, With Weapons Of The Vicious Style, Slitting What A Crip Defiles//
A Cryptic Child Drifting With Mental Sicknesses In Denial, Depicting Killings Of Many Injured Down With A Wicked Smile.......

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