Off the Top #3/Reality (Recorded)

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Q-Dot's Notes

Drink Filthy Beat produced by letsruntrack, recorded with an.... iPhone earphone recorder, but the quality is surprising not terrible, please listen and give some feedback, thanks guys!

//Yo this song is dedicated to reality, my enemy//
It's right to be excited the way I feel inside of me
Don't be rattled I light a beat up right up the snares mightily
Your crackle and glare in spite of me so I'll put a pipe up the
Asshole attitude that you own now I'll dethrone rightfully
Lived a life of messin's so now your finally a plighted peasant
While I'm all about delighted pleasantries and slicin' legends
Into pieces when peace is the meekest way for me to write this lesson
Of spittin' every minute and never diminish no type of question
Can finish me off as I #smashed another record of #Guinness
Filled to the top with menace without a single benefit or limit
Benedict or senate? Impossible to tell from the way they spin it
The adrenaline from hate now turned my face greener than spinach
My demeanour's vintage as I put you out fast as an outcast
Now laugh, but then you'll die when I drag ya out back
The pain you can't outlast against my now loud wrath
Slash and burn, my passion churns now tell me how's that
//Hook x2//
//Sometimes it just feels great to spit off the top of my head
//When you feel free and as if your troubles gotta be dead//
//Maybe once I'll escape the painful fact that gravity//
//Is pulling me into reality where everyone is mad at me//
My only regret is I should've taken pre-med to make thee bled
In a more painful way the floor be wet when I complete these threats
Against you in a way that's meant to mentally sent ya
Back to a place of neglect and the only color you see's red
So you call me ugly and short, below average American height
But I go around cherishin' fights, also to slaughter merits and rights
You can't pause a terror and #fright #train that I steer in delight
I stare in the night at ya and snatch ya away from your arrogant vibe
This is when I realize your a dictator and all will get sick later
You call me a pissed hater but its you who's the big traitor
Of my passions so I irrationally lashin' out my rage gets greater
Theres no chance for me to turn back now, its just a bit late to
Show any form of remorse so now my thoughts become distorted
Morbid, Horrid, about how you really wanna make a portrait
Of the way I am and the way I stand and the way you force it
To make me evil as deep holes with monsters amorphous

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