301 Freestyle

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It's the motherfucking Benz Life,
Straight outta Compton, no bullshit, its the 301 and 10's life
I'm tryna get that bitch named Mary
Shoutout to that 20218 that shit legendary
DC motherfucker DMV hereditary
Im sellin the Ferrari
Im fuckin her to sleep
in between the sheets
Pause that shit, rewind it
You know what it is because i spit fly shit
My rap iller than the rap these niggas providin'
Spittin Kitten Shit
Litterbox nigga
this shit don't have to make sense
Freestyle is a cleanse
Damn these bitches is tens
Ridin' around in my benz
Concentrated like light through a lens
I rap about the 818 that's Cali
I ain't about that life, but im straight outta the valley
That's Boise Idaho,
If you know what it is you know i stack my fucking dough
Off the top, 1,2,3, four
its a perfect day if im fuckin' four hoes
Reppin' the DMV my city, you see me
You know what it is DC is where I be
I ain't ever reading
niggas biting my shit like they teething
You know what it is, you know what it is
Rep this benz life because i ride in a Benz
My car feel like a fryer
it burn the fuck up when im spittin this fire
Reppin' the D
i ain't from Detroit,
I'm from the fuckin' DMV
Got your girl all on my D
But i ain't cummin' fast
cause i ain't cum in a week
Niggas do shit for me
They the real niggas
they the fuckin' homeys
Tell your bitch to bring the posse
cause im going Kamikaze

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