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I'm looking at the sky, trynna visualize
The moment when our rhymes will be clearer than Invisalign
Correcting all the issues that's presented in the world
Another Lifetime sitcom with a victim getting hurled
Imprisonment is common sense when we learn what is wrong
Theories keep on spreading, with no one standing strong
Weakness is evident in the essence of human nature
We're not willing to risk our lives for others who don't deserve it
What's worse is, this nature is so cancerous
Like hurricanes, its bound to be monstrous
The thought of drive by shootings killing innocents
Ridiculous, why the hell are we so careless
Treating many brothers and sisters as unequals
Focused too much on color, less on the fact we're humans
I pray someday we change the way we think
Otherwise World World 3 will happen in a blink

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