A Great Time

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It's a great time to be alive
Didn't have this much tech on us in 2005.
From no vids to YouTube
From My Space to new boos
On Facebook and IG that see you and screw two
Of your homeboys right off your friend's list
While you messaging the chick that's not some friend shit.
With enemies like that hell who needs friends
That's why I keep to myself, my own company is ends
That makes it all meet for me to pull me out a Benz from the lot
Until then I will settle for my spot
In the cockpit of my fly Toyota,
The real I told ya
Because I'm built like this, yes it is Nova.
S Nov' the Lyrical Legend to be exact
The Most Incredibly Amazing Cajun on a track.
In fact, I spice it to sizzle and shine
That's how I do with the grill when I'm filling in the rhymes
With plenty of flow like N.O. during Katrina.
Shout out to the Lou up in here yeah I seen ya
The anniversary is now did you forget it
How Bush didn't care about blacks like tele-visited by Kanye West,
On tracks I'm Kanye fresh
Like College Dropout man or Late Registration.
Before he married someone he warned us all about
I ain't saying she a gold-digger figure it out
Despite that, it's a good time to be alive
At least you breathing not heaving or in the ground because you died.
There's so much to see, and so much to learn
And I will tell it all on the paper while I burn
With the pen scribbling from here to Michigan
On screens be visiting the fam and listening
To them with FaceTime, on your iPhone 6.
Technology a beast was hard to imagine this
Like ten years ago or hell just even five
I'm so thankful I'm here, it's a great time to be alive.

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