Mah Nina

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Alot of complicated shit i know some of yall wont understand, so heres just a quick explanation over some stuff....the song is rap is written in 2 different perspectives, one being Nina a female, the other being nina a gun.

-(lyin) on the floor- when Pinocchio lies his nose grows, vs. the nose on a pistol

-did i mention she got a twin thats 11..... meaning 9/11, and meaning 2 nines which is 18

-and so you die by half time ( using the numbers 6-12 throughout the last verse is symbolism of half the time on a clock

Yo mama named nina
she talk alot, #silence on her #mouth and i threw away the #key bruh
she always in my pants, when she not she #poppin for me
where she at nobody ever seen her
you cant see her, #john #cena
she smack my balls like venus and serena
dont make a nigga mad, ill let the whole clip through ya chest
#9 #millimeter baby, mama #nose best
she'll hitchu with that okie-doke
have you #lying on the floor and her #nose #grows like #Pinocchio
we might need a doctor, this ones a bleeder
i got the nine, she got #the #nine
and you dont wantta #meter (meet her)
she got no #saliva #supressant
be #spittin in niggas faces, she bad at #first #impressions
she'll teach you a lesson
#six-six-six but bring you to #seventh heaven
eating lead, but i thought you already #eight
this #nine will bang
catch your a (#ten) tion
did i mention
she a twin thats #eleven
thats 2 nina's 18 and legal
big boy jail if she take a life
tryna call #twelve, but you aint white
tic toc goes the clock, you bleed out
like the big comfy couch, i laugh like a hyena
and so you die.... by #half #time by the hands of mah nina
mah nina

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