-Yacht Mind-

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Lemme say something real quick..
Who's ready to roll?
Go, with my steady flow.
Yeah you already know,
spitting fire like Spyro,
thinking Ima Pyro.
That's just how my rhymes go,
kinda like a gyro.
Different directions.
I have a different perception.
And a different obsession,
showing you hidden dimensions,
that is you're different reflection.
So every time I rap it's like it's mission inception.
Plus I got my own collection,
of written perfection. Finessing. Confessing,
that everything I'm expressing,
should quicken detection,
you're living deception,
but with the exception, for those who don't pay attention.
Leave 'em stuck in possession, because they only pretending.
Only worry 'bout how much they spending,
while the rest of us extending. And I am amending,
a different kind of change.
I'm in the kinda lane,
Riding(writing) beside Twain.
Creative with my brain.
So read my lines thorough.
I can be the hero.
I'll get you out the burrow,
if you going in circles.
Just think outside the box,
and just picture a yacht, rocking some flops, with
a bitch that does squats, no need to mention a top,
add some Ciroc on the rocks.
If you like that, then gimme some props,
'cause Beta never stops.

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