No Trippin'

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If you're tryin' to roll with me,
No trippin'
If you're tryin' to roll with me,
Get rippin'
I'm the guy you bring home,
for your parents for them to meet,
When we go out,
You know we smokin' up all those trees,
Just another nice guy,
Turned bad boy,
Another night flying high,
while riding in the cab boy,
Cross country yeah,
You know we making land tours,
Midwest Motherfucker,
Reppin' what's ours,
Another day, another night,
You only comin' along,
If you bringin' another light,
puff puff then pass that bitch,
Off to the right,
You know we rollin,
Only hella loud hella tight,
Yeah and that's,
Just what we do,
Just chillin' while,
Enjoying the cruise,
No care in the world,
Seein' the views,
And there's always,
gonna be room for you,
If you're tryin' to roll with me,
No trippin',
You know how it is when we start,
Get it rippin',
How can you hate,
when we only just livin,
Last in the game,
but I feel like I'm winnin', (x2)
I'm tellin' ya,
I'm the best that there comes,
No one else can stand to be,
number one,
Home of the Prince,
I'll be taking the throne,
Cause everyone's addicted,
to my flow,
I guess that's why,
They call me Nicotine,
Love it or hate it,
I still got you listenin',
Hit me up and I'll leave you,
With a dose of medicine,
When you fam,
You can just come the fuck on in,
Life, Love, Loyalty,
That's how I choose to live
Enjoying the time we got,
Cause we don't know how it ends,
Yeah just livin' how
We choose to live,
Enjoying the time we got,
Cause we don't know how it ends
Yeah No trippin'

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