cypher kill

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I got them tinted windows, you cant get my description
Snuff The Witness Too, either way nobodies snitchin
Im why you fear the streets, im in your nightmares vision- Im the reason my Fans Got Superstitions
Ski Mask And gloves- yea Its fuckin tradition
Squeeze And Make You Bitches Take Nine Like fifty cent Did!!
Fuckin Relentless like chris Brown slappin Rhianna Senseless
Comin With Vengeance- kid After A Bully, dressed in Trenches
Dre Said "Fuck The Pigs" now my Bids A Two Year Sentence
Eminem Said to "lose Yourself" i Havnt Found me since then
L'wayne Said To "Pop Bottles" i Been Drunk Ever Since
But i Swear to Fuckin God Im Not Easily Influenced
Soon As The instruments Hit This Shit Comes In Increments
My incomes Shit But Im Bound To Blow soon as i spit for rich
I See You Blinging Six
Diamonds That're Prolly Fake As shit
Im Wasted Pricks
Cant even Walk Strait, aiming For A Stage To Rip
Wake Me If Somebody Ever Decides To Make a breaking Hit
Placin six- teen Thirties In Thin Lines- Raping It
Blazin Splifs-taking Hits-so High- dont Think Ill Awake From This
You Cant Take From This Man Whats Been Taken As A Kid
Frustrated Again So I Picked Up This pen
Hate escapes From Within
Face It I Made This oath In Sin
and This Flow's Far From Basic My Friends
And This all comes From Situations In life Ive been in
Just a quick jot with some sick thoughts for you pricks.. WATCH!!

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