Reminiscing The Future

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Yeah yeah
Ight check it
My words are hollow point cause they go straight through yah
Touching your soul like the holy ghost and budah
Stay up cooking beats, never sleep like who's up
If I keep on this path I just might make it what up
Opening my eyes and speak the truth so blatant
And Everyone around me is just a hating so I say
Fuck them because enough is enough
Talking thug in the booth but in person you know your not that tough
Of course you got a Mac 10 cause everyone does
Stupid generation popping medication just for the buzz
And there I was trying to not associate it
But it still came to me so I hit the hell out of it and said peace
I dipped out to my house and yelled good grief!
On the real though tell me how you feel hoe
I planted the seed now we all can watch it grow
Going to bigger paces like the river flow as I flow this
Asking me for money like I don't notice
Bitch I don't know you or owe you it all
Talking like you hope I fall but when I get bigger I'ma ball
Yeah well shit I'm reminiscing but soon you'll understand what I mean

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