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My life is clean since y'all popped off like bubble of soap
your ship sailed off thought that it would come but it won't
sipping pulp from the lemons, spending my summers alone
now they send me love when i don't give a fuck anymore
you don't choose to stumble from stones but to lurk in the hopes
they picking up colors to coat, i furnished my home
my purpose is to see myself don't know whats up with them hoes
don't mean to be curt (Kurt Cobain) with these words
but i want the teens to smell the soul
and know you got this, we rise and fall like stock markets
no matter what happens
i'll rap in battles cause thats my worship (war ship)
so i strike 'em like a sniper got a wide range like panorama
and catch a prey spirit creeps through the morbid
rap endures hip hop so its evolution's a hot topic
i learned the logic and wrote a book like Charles Darwin
that means i'm sequel to whats equal to what legends frequently do
after i was taught how not to give a damn to them chemistry books
and them high school girls so cheap
i could buy 'em for an empty fool's cap (foolscap)
make 'em watch tutorials
on how charlie's sexy ass (Charlie XCX) could boom clap
new school's whack, so they bump on lifetime vacation
trying to protect the frontier but your rifle lies in the basement
Since 14, a focus of laser and my mind a ray gun
pouring beams at my aim inflated cause i'm blowing up impatient
causing volcanic eruption cause from bottom i came big
so my persona's a formula for you to be naturally drained
my delivery leaves a pale stain like Dale (Steyn)
on the rappers who be auto tuned to sleep i keep 'em up and awake
too much caffeine the cup runneth with tea, pain (T-Pain) in my brain
blood's rushing through my system
might just blast some little vein (Lil Wayne)
but you ripping them oldies from the ages when Flintstones be
and since i'm prime (prhyme)
i got courtesy for them like Royce (da 5' 9") feels
so if i sound foreign to y'all homies, you better import me
'cause i ain't done kicking your ass
like you being interviewed in the Roadies
cattle trying to eat my crops so all i'm left is to grow weeds
that are poisonous to these goats and sheep
like lobed leaves of an oak tree
i came with high spirits like alcohol and Ouija boards
leading the dark shades, like Edgar Allan Poe tree (poetry)

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